Golden Ring of Abkhazia

Golden Ring of Abkhazia

We offer the most popular tour to the Republic of Abkhazia, during which you will visit Gagra, Pitsunda, Goluboye and Ritsa Lakes, New Athos.

You will have a trip to Gagra, a noble resort created by Prince of Oldenburg in 1902.

You will see the famous Gagra Colonnade with a length of 60 meters, where the “Winter Evening in Gagra” movie was shot. You will learn a story about the park of Prince of Oldenburg and the famous Gagripsh Restaurant with a large clock that is still wound up manually. The restaurant was bought disassembled by the Prince in Scandinavia and transported to Gagra and, which is important, re-assembled without a single nail or metal fastener. It was visited by Nicholas II, Joseph Stalin, Anton Chekhov, Feodor Chaliapin, and many others.

During the excursion you will:

Enjoy the clear sea Pitsunda Beach

Admire the beauty of Goluboye Lake

Visit the Yupshar Canyon (“Kamenny Meshok” (Stone Bag))

Be able to admire one of the main natural attractions of Abkhazia, Ritsa Lake

Visit one of the largest caves in the world, the New Athos Cave, which includes eight halls and an underground lake. It is so huge that you will be taken by a mini-train to the beginning of the route

You will see the famous New Athos Orthodox Monastery

And a host of other things...


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