Open-Air Complex Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Open-Air Complex Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Open-Air Complex Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

A trip to the Laura Open-Air Complex of the Caucasian State Natural Biosphere Reserve named after G.H. Shaposhnikov makes unforgettable impressions both on adults and children. This is the first complex of this kind in the Caucasus Mountains.

In the open-air complex in Krasnaya Polyana you can see indigenous inhabitants of the Caucasus Mountains: bisons, Caucasian noble deer, chamois, lynxes, wolves, peregrine falcons, black vultures, etc. Conditions in which the animals live are similar to natural ones, fresh air and mountainous landscapes.

You will also have the opportunity to visit one of the largest oceanariums in Russia, Sochi Discovery World Aquarium. On the territory of 6,000 sq. m. there are 30 aquariums with a total volume of 5 million liters of water.

You will see more than 100 species of river fish from the Amazon and Ecuador to Australia, such as: piranhas, discuses, cichlids, gouramis and many more.

You will have a walk along a tortuous transparent tunnel which is 44 meters long, with strange plants, wrecks, reefs and rocks. You will enjoy playful sea horses, unicorn fish, globefish, cow-fish, oysterfish, surgeon-fish, all kinds of stingrays and catfishes from microscopic to giant.

Impressions from the visit to the open-air complex and Sochi Discovery World Aquarium will remain for a long time. You will certainly want to share your emotions with your loved ones and return to the underwater kingdom more than once.


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