Sochi with visiting Stalin’s Summer Residence (Dacha)

Sochi with visiting Stalin’s Summer Residence (Dacha)

Sochi with visiting Stalin’s Summer Residence (Dacha)

In the '30s of the last century Sochi made a powerful breakthrough in the development of the rehabilitation and resort sector, the entire infrastructure, turning into the main resort of the Soviet Union. Many cultural and excursion facilities and nationwide monuments were erected and you will have the opportunity to see them during our excursion.

By the order of Joseph Stalin, the construction of a road and an observation tower on Akhun Mountain was completed in record-breaking time. You can enjoy an amazing circular panorama of the city, views of the Black Sea right up to the shores of Abkhazia and scenery of the Main Caucasian Range.

You will visit Stalin’s summer residence located in one of the most picturesque places of Sochi. Now the summer residence is turned into a museum, but little has changed since the Stalin era. The exterior and interior of the complex and the surrounding garden—everything remained the same as the Soviet leader saw it.

You will have the opportunity to visit the city’s landmark, Sochi’s resort, the Matsesta hydrogen sulphide spring, the unique water with healing properties famed in legends for centuries.

In the valley of the Agura River there is an exotic restaurant, Caucasian Aul, a visit to which will be really unforgettable.

Among the honorable guests of the restaurant are cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin and Alexei Leonov, musician Vladimir Vysotsky and his wife Marina Vladi, director of “Be My Wife” movie Alla Surikova, actor Andrei Mironov and his wife Larisa Golubkina, singer Alla Pugacheva.

The Caucasian Aul was a shooting stage for such movies as “The Woman Who Sings” with Alla Pugacheva, “Wolfhound” with Alexei Guskov, and “Be My Husband” with Andrei Mironov.

Sitting at the ancient fireplace, you can taste dishes of authentic Georgian cuisine. The restaurant has Marani Bar-Cellar, which has gathered the best collection of Georgian wines, a kebab house, and 2 terraces in the open air. All this in tandem with the magnificent Caucasus Nature Reserve will make your holiday unforgettable!


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