Caving and tracking

Caving and tracking

Caving and tracking

Speleo Tours to Sochi’s Caves

Underground Canyon

You can visit the largest karstic cavity in Sochi, which is the sixth longest in Russia, the Vorontsovskaya cave system. Show your skills in using climbing equipment, feel like a speleologist looking at the cave’s halls and come out of the cave at the origin of a mountain river.

You can climb down along a dry cascade with a rope to an underground hall and canyon. The level of activity is moderate.

The minimum age of participants is 10 years.

Trekking in Sochi’s Subtropics

Trekking–any pedestrian touristic trip–is a cross-country hiking or mountain tour that does not require any special skills.

The main purpose of trekking is admiring the beauty of nature and a health-improving effect of hiking, clean air and being in the natural environment. Trekking is a rest in motion, an opportunity to see the nature from inside, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

We offer you some pedestrian routes with various difficulty levels in the coastal part of our city all year round (the Yew and Boxwood Grove, the Agur Gorge, the Zmeika Waterfalls, etc.)


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